Cumberland County: Clean Your Water

Resources for Developers and Contractors

By embracing effective stormwater management practices from the earliest planning stages, developers can often move projects along more quickly--which affects the bottom line in more ways than one. Instead of looking at stormwater regulations as a barrier to development, consider that effective stormwater management builds more desirable communities that appeal to a growing segment of the population: people who care about sustainability and quality of life.

There's no way around it: YOU are responsible for managing stormwater on your site, so it's key to develop effective stormwater management plans when first considering the end use of a site. 

Smart developers are taking a Conservation Design approach not out of an inate sense of altruism, but to create communities that are more liveable and more profitable.

It's key that Contractors understand what they're getting into when working on sites with stormwater management BMPs, because the way they move machinery, how they alter the landscape, and their installation techniques all affect how the systems perform:

Rainwater runoff is no longer looked at as a nuisance to be sent down the drain; instead, it's considered a resource to be recycled back into the system by managing it where it falls. Today, more and more developers are taking innovative approaches to the stormwater challenge -- and they're having all kinds of success.

This site is loaded with helpful resources--so take a closer look at the videos we've called out on the right and comb through the materials we've culled for you below. Peruse the rest of the site and use or share what you like. And be sure to let us know about your stormwater management innovstions and success!