Cumberland County: Clean Your Water

Conodoguinet Creek

Do you live in the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed? Learn about your local watershed, your community's water protection efforts, and WHAT YOU CAN DO to protect your local creeks, rivers, and streams...

From it start as sparkling trout -inhabited Appalachian head waters on Kittatinny Mountain, the Conodoguinet Creek flows 101 miles through the fertile Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania, joining the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg. As it meanders north- eastwardly across a broad plain between the Blue Mountain on the north and the South Mountain to the south, the Conodoguinet drains 500 square miles of diverse landscapes. Forested areas cover the upland basin, giving way to intense agriculture throughout the valley and rapidly expanding suburban areas downstream, where the Conodoguinet meanders through the suburban west shore of Harrisburg in a series of elaborate bends and loops.


Municipalities in the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed:

East Pennsboro Township (direct flow), Wormleysburg Borough (direct flow), Hampden Township (direct flow into Conodoguinet and via Trindle Spring Run), Mechanicsburg Borough (via Trindle Spring Run Tributary), Monroe Township (via Trindle Spring Run, Hogestown Run, and Dogwood Run Tributaries), Upper Allen Township (via Trindle Spring Run), Silver Spring Township (direct flow into Conodoguinet mainstem and via Simmons Creek, Trindle Spring Run, and Hogestown Run), and Carlisle Borough (via Letort, Alexander Spring Run, and direct flow to Conodoguinet)

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