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EPA Dedicates More Funding to Cleaning Up America's Beaches

It may only be the last day in January, but this warm, spring-like day has got me looking forward to summer already! As I am daydreaming about all of my favorite warm-weather activities (riding my bike, going swimming at the Jersey Shore, gardening), I'm thrilled to see the annoucement that the United States Environmental Protection Agency will be dedicating more funding to cleaning up beaches across the country.

Approximately $9.8 million will be provided in grants to beaches in 38 states, territories, and tribes. Additionally, a newly-launched, EPA-run website -- BEACON -- will "allow the public to more quickly and easily access the most current water quality and pollution testing information for more than 6,000 U.S. beaches." As the EPA points out, the bacterial contamination that can potentially get people sick and lead to beach closures comes from a variety of sources, such as sewer overflows, untreated stormwater runoff, boating wastes, wildlife and pet waste, and malfunctioning septic systems." So, of course, while it's wonderful that beaches will hopefully be made even safer for swimmers, it's still important that we continue to do our part further inland!

(Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency)

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