StormwaterPA's video case studies provide an in-depth look at some of the innovative solutions being applied to stormwater management challenges all over the state.

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Harvesting Rainwater 4:26

The Ross family shows that it's possible to live in a home that's "just like others in the...


Green City, Clean Waters 9:35

The City of Brotherly Love takes on green infrastructure with a plan to transform the city...


Bioretention Island 4:47

Located on a parking lot, this bioretention island captures and treats stormwater runoff....


Vegetated Swales 7:51

A financial building in Oaks, PA, creates an aesthetically-pleasing swale to slow runoff a...


Porous Pavement 6:02

Porous pavement mimics the natural system of keeping rainwater on site....


Cherry Creek: A Conservation Design 9:29

By taking a conservationist approach, a housing development gets built in a way to conserv...


Low Impact Development 5:52

A system of more than 100 BMPs handles runoff on a 259 unit residential community by focus...


Capturing Rainwater is Good Business Practice 7:15

The PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA, had over 100 acres of non-perm...